New Construction/LEED

New Construction-LEED Button PictureOur qualifications to provide the proposed services are based upon our work for the NYSERDA New Construction Program, Pacific Gas and Electric, consulting to the State of Massachusetts and work with ASHRAE in the development of National Standards. L&S Energy Services is a corporate member of the US Green Buildings Council, Association of Energy Engineers, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies, and the International Code Council.

Ron Slosberg, the L&S Program Manager, was part of the consultant team that developed the NYSERDA New Construction Program over a decade ago. Ron also provided technical assistance to the New Construction Program since the program was offered in 2000. Dennis Landsberg was a member of the steering committee that developed the New York Collaborative High Performance Schools (NY-CHPS) standards. Ron and Dennis worked on the development of NYSERDA’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) program. L&S is one of the consultants for the CHP component of the Existing Facilities Program.

Dennis Landsberg is secretary of ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.6, Systems Energy Utilization, Chairman of the Monitoring and Energy Performance Subcommittee; Chaired ASHRAE Guideline 14, Measurement of Energy Demand and Water Savings in Buildings and lead author of ASHRAE’s Energy Efficiency Guides for Commercial Buildings. Dennis Landsberg was on the steering committee and a session chair for a NYSERDA sponsored ASHRAE Urban Energy Conference to be held in New York City April, 2010.
Summary of Qualifications

We have provided services under the New Construction Program since the inception of the program in all three program geographic regions. These services have included:

  • Scoping and screening visits.
  • Completion of projects using a range of junior and senior staff.
  • Evaluation of energy consumption of comparable building components.
  • Collaborative working with building design teams.
  • Evaluation of building and process systems that impact energy use including CHP projects.
  • Performing whole building energy analysis using DOE-2 and eQUEST.
  • Performing energy modeling for LEED®, Executive Order 111, and NY-CHPS.
  • Coordination with customers and design teams to encourage the incorporation of energy efficiency and green technologies into building designs.
  • Preparation and evaluation of cost estimates for baseline building and proposed upgrades.
  • Provision of green building services.
  • Calculation of energy savings and NYSERDA incentives.
  • Production of reports in a timely fashion.
  • Assisting NYSERDA in various New Construction Program-related areas.